AIM Group Completes Largest Investment to Date

AIM Group joined with Fidelis Capital and Bonaventure Capital to complete an $8.9mm equity purchase in Deep Fiber Solutions out of Atlanta, GA. Leading the round with $6.4mm, this represents AIM Group’s largest investment to date. “We were immediately blown away by the technology. Having been involved in constructing some of the early fiber optic networks in the 1980’s, I fully appreciated the elegant solution that the Deep Fiber team created to enable old coaxial networks to be upgraded to fiber optic networks without all of the hassles of trenching and boring,” says Jim Corman, Managing Partner of AIM Group. The funding will allow Deep Fiber Solutions to continue their impressive growth in delivering innovative solutions to the cable industry.

About Deep Fiber Solutions

Deep Fiber Solutions is an Atlanta based cable engineering and construction company that has patented technology that allows the company to eject the core of a coaxial cable and install a fiber optic cable into the conduit created by the core’s removal. This solution comes at a substantially lower cost than traditional boring and trenching and is completed in a fraction of the time. “This transaction will provide Deep Fiber Solutions with the expansion capital necessary to address the market demand for our unique core ejection/fiber optic installation service. Additionally, we are excited to have AIM Group, Fidelis and Bonaventure Fund as partners moving forward,” says Mark Davis, the CEO of Deep Fiber Solutions.